New controls, map options and more! August 14th Update

Hi there!

Today i'm excited to be releasing the new update for OSES, which changes and adds some stuff, here's the list:

+New map making options: A new system allows you to create your own time challenges and change light and fog settings for your maps!

+New map props: With the possibility of having night levels, you can now add lamps to your maps, in order to make beautiful and challenging levels.

+Map triggers: Position map triggers to make text popup, zombies spawn or food drops fall. The new feature alows for cool story-driven maps.

+New switches: Computers have been replaced with valves and switches, wich are more beautiful and make it easier to identify interactions with the map.

+in-game UI: Some things changed in the game UI. There's now a timer indicating how long you've been plaing that map, there's also a popup indicating you've acomplished a challenge or beaten a best time. Additionally, some info is presented at the end of each match.

+Menu: the menu background has been changed, and now shows some screenshots of the game, instead of the plain green it was.

+New control mode: A new default way of controlling the characters was added. It relies much more on using the keyboard to move the characters around and is more intuitive.

I think thats all, hope you enjoy the update. Remember to follow me on twitter to stay updated!

Here are some screenshots:

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Version 12 Aug 14, 2017


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