New Weapon, Map and Hats! July 28th Update

Hi everyone!

The game has just been updated with some small fixes and some new stuff! Here's what's new:

+New weapon: Laser Gun. Auto reloads over time as long as you are not holding the trigger. Learn to use it well and it can become your favorite zombie shooting machine.

+New hats/hair: 2 new hair styles and new hat: Cowboy Hat

+New map: Forest Park is a beautiful and challenging defense map with only one generator. Will you be able to hold off the zombies coming from all around the park? The map is available as a custom Map, it might  get to the Official map list on the future

I really hope you like this update, remember to follow me on twitter to stay updated about the game!

Here are some screenshots of the Update:

Files 27 MB
Version 7 Jul 28, 2017


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